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The simplicity of a great user experience hides a wealth of creativity and technological prowess behind it. Our job is to allow you to provide seamless customer journeys on one hand and have all the right systems functioning perfectly on the other. Whatever the technological need you have identified, our people can bring it to fruition.

From web content management to automated marketing tasks and integrating your legacy systems with more advanced tools, we see projects as start-to-finish ventures that should leave you more productive and efficient than before. Discover below how we can help.

Omni-Channel Customer Experience

Users can no longer just be “satisfied”. They have to be “wowed”. And when they are, they’ll engage with your website, online shop, app, product or marketing campaign. We'll help you to design a new multi-channel customer journey, integrated with a wide-ranging strategy that lets you reach your goals, going at your own speed.

Web Content Management

Tracking, finding, publishing and sunsetting web content can be a full-time job. By implementing a dedicated CMS platform, linked with existing tools, you can save money, time and reduce content-related risks or disalignments that can occur over time. Tinext partners with the world's leading CMS vendors so your team can focus on what they do best: content creation.

Marketing Automation

Marketing automation solutions drive traffic to your website, helping to drive engagement, increase revenue and realize automated 1-to-1 communications that make customers feel like they’ve received the individual attention they deserve. It reduces the weight on your marketing team so they can focus on compelling new content and campaigns.

Social Media Management

Social media has become a key touchpoint on the user journey as well as an important channel within most sales strategies. Tinext can help you roll out integrated tools to deliver more engaging and relevant content to users, streamline the publishing process and output meaningful reports to managers to build business results. We can also integrate tools for social listening, sponsored campaign management and customer-service delivery.

Customer Engagement

Customers demand seamless experiences. We work with you to ensure the content users are seeing is actually engaging, reducing churn rates and extending the customer journey beyond purchase. We help you to give users efficient support when and where they need it, through multi-channel communications such as chat, co-browsing, video chat and call back solution, all with rapid-deployment software for your marketing team.