“Fiber to the home” – Aziende Municipalizzate di Bellinzona automises the data acquisition process

  • May 2013

An ECM platform for controlling data gathering related to the beneficiaries of the FTTH service. It doesn’t only manage data, but pictures and technical-logistic detections as well – especially on those buildings which soon will be using the optical fiber provided by AMB in collaboration with Swisscom.


Aziende Municipalizzate di Bellinzona is an extremely regional business, and has been recognized as one of the primary suppliers for the distribution of water, electricity and telecommunication services in the area above the Mount Ceneri.


Thanks to the Enterprise Content Management platform supplied by Tinext through their Software as a Service (Saas) infrastructure, AMB could centralise and manage the large amount of information gatherd throughout the phase of data acquisition for those buildings which will be featuring the new internet connection service.

Using the 24/7 online service, active buyers on the territory detect crucial information to activate contracts, exchange information with their partners (such as Swisscom and Cablecom), and define the specifications for each project.


AMB benefits from several advantages, such as:

  • Structured and centralised data gathering for all buildings
  • Progress of controlled and automated processes
  • Automated data exchange with partners using a simple CSV file
  • Automatic creation of documents using a template
  • Structured archiving tools
  • Naming convention realisation
  • Advanced and structured research for documents and open projects


Customer: AMB (Aziende Municipalizzate Bellinzona)
Goal: Document Management
Technology: SaaS
Year: 2013