Digital strategy: frame your projects with long-term vision

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Down-to-earth Digital Consulting & Strategy

Tinext helps companies transform and reinvent their businesses with the power of the latest digital technologies in the field of Digital Experience, Marketing Automation and CRM. 

Our digital consulting practice is deeply rooted in 20+ years of background in delivery of digital experience and CRM technology projects, this is why we always provide practical advice and actionable deliverables, envisioning your future with feet grounded down-to-earth.

Tinext Digital Experience (DX) consulting services are offered before, during, and after implementation projects in order to define a sounding digital strategy, to make sure execution is aligned with it, and to be able to evolve solutions after their implementations.

Strategy & Transformation

Tinext’s consultants help customers to develop a vision and strategies behind the implementation of a digital transformation project in the field of Digital Experience, Digital Commerce, CRM & Customer engagement, UX/UI and Design and Multi-Channel Marketing.

Evolution & Innovation

DX Consulting Evolution and Innovation services help companies in browsing changes, prioritizing digital initiatives and governing evolution roadmaps for their existing digital solutions like CRM, Digital Experience, and Marketing Automation, in order to stay at the pace of changes in technologies, customer behaviour, and company’s objectives.

Assessment & Readiness

Wondering if you are ready to undertake a digital project? Tinext consulting team helps customers assess their digital readiness on multiple dimensions, like vision, technology, data, content, and operations. 

Are you in the middle of a transformation journey and want to assess the performance of your current solutions? Tinext also performs specific assessments and due diligence on actual implementations of CRM, CMS and Marketing Automation.

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