Generative AI: an ally for content teams

Enhanced Content Creation powered by generative AI connectors, now integrated into the Magnolia interface.

The digital revolution of Generative AI has reached a mature stage, enabling it to enhance the work of content teams by seamlessly integrating it into content management workflows.


The challenge of generative AI is to enhance production by allowing focus on the creative aspect and improving content and design efficiency.


The new AI Accelerator feature, directly integrated into the Magnolia interface, provides a collection of generative AI connectors such as ChatGPT, DALL-E, Amazon Rekognition, Amazon Comprehend, and DeepL, which can be integrated with other proprietary tools and services. A unified environment enables reducing image searches and text drafting, streamlining editing, customizing modules for target audiences and topics, translating into multiple languages, automating classification, SEO optimization, and Open Graph, delegating repetitive tasks to focus on messaging and branding.

AI Innovation in the Digital Experience

In order to concretely answer needs and questions about Digital Innovation for Content Management, we have prepared together with Magnolia a white paper that delves into the following:


  • How Generative AI is transforming the content world (and how you can harness it).
  • The importance of text instructions in the content creation process (and how to do it correctly).
  • How AI integrates into content workflows and solves real problems.
  • How to deal with the potential problem of copyright infringement.
  • What common mistakes to avoid.
To learn more download the free whitepaper