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Deliver Personal Service at Scale

The same rules that apply to your marketing also apply to the customer experience. It’s never about you — a customer company always puts the customer first. Your customers will no longer tolerate a disjointed service experience. It is every company’s responsibility to provide customer service when, where, and how the customer prefers to engage. Service Cloud enables you to deliver personalized service to every customer like never before.

Feed First

A new compact feed allows agents to create, view, and manage cases without sifting through unnecessary information; with Smart Agent Console, everyone on your team can do more, with less. Plus, a next-gen search engine enables your agents to put customers on hold less frequently and resolve issues faster.

Fast and Easy

Social media and mobile devices are redefining customer service and raising expectations. Your customers expect your agents to know the answer, or be able to obtain it quickly. The Smart Agent Console gives your agents the tools to do just that, eliminating time-consuming searches and endless digging through disconnected databases to find information.

Tinext: Salesforce Service Cloud Partner of Switzerland, Italy and Middle East

Tinext has been Salesforce Partner for Italy, Switzerland and the Middle East since 2014, growing month after month its consulting team and sharpening its practice's competences.

To deliver cutting edge digital customer experiences Tinext can count on its strong expertise on multi-cloud projects thus reducing time-to-value and bringing positive results quicker.


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