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A cohesive experience throughout the buying process

Customers demand a consistent and cohesive experience throughout the buying process. But with incomplete data and differing goals and priorities, there’s often a gap between sales and marketing. Sales Cloud aligns sales and marketing by providing a single view of a customer. Sales reps will have all the tools they need to manage the customer journey and move a customer to purchase.

Tailor Your Strategy to increase your effectiveness

Each stage of the buying process requires a slightly different approach. Sales Cloud breaks down the right steps to take at each stage and the data you need to take action. Sales reps can tailor their messaging and sales pitches based on where a customer is in the buying process in order to increase effectiveness.

Take action from anywhere

With Salesforce, your sales team will be ultra responsive and able to take action from anywhere. With brand new apps for tasks, notes, events, and a daily agenda, Salesforce will also help make your sales team more productive than ever before.

Tinext: Salesforce Sales Cloud Partner of Switzerland, Italy and the Middle East

Tinext has been Salesforce Partner for Italy, Switzerland and the Middle East since 2014, growing month after month its consulting team and sharpening its practice's competences.

To deliver cutting edge digital customer experiences Tinext can count on its strong expertise on multi-cloud projects thus reducing time-to-value and bringing positive results quicker.