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Optimize the Customer Journey

Traditional marketing tools are only designed to handle one customer touchpoint, or one point in the customer journey. The Marketing Cloud solves this problem with Journey Builder. Now, you can manage every part of a customer’s journey, from discovery to purchase and beyond.

Deliver Personalized Content

By building a single view of your customer with data from multiple sources, Marketing Cloud allows you to deliver personalized content across every channel and device, so you can meet your customers’ needs at the exact moment they arise.

Create Cross-Channel Journeys

Integrate your email campaigns closely with social and mobile initiatives to deliver dynamic marketing journeys. Then, optimize in real time to find the messages that perform best.

Measure Your Impact

With a single view of all your touchpoints, channels, and campaigns, measuring marketing impact is easier and more accurate than ever. Always know for certain what strategies are performing so that you can plan and forecast with confidence.

Tinext: Salesforce Marketing Cloud Partner for Switzerland, Italy and the Middle East

Tinext has been Salesforce Partner for Italy, Switzerland and the Middle East since 2014, growing month after month its consulting team and sharpening its practice's competences.

To deliver cutting edge digital customer experiences Tinext can count on its strong expertise on multi-cloud projects thus reducing time-to-value and bringing positive results quicker.

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