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Much more than a Content Management System

Magnolia CMS is a full-featured editing tool for your digital assets. Magnolia insures a unified Customer Experience across devices and platforms. Magnolia easily connects and integrates with your analytics engine, your ERP, CRM, e-commerce tools, marketing automation etc..

Tinext uses Magnolia as the core of flexible enterprise web platforms, that integrate customers’ existing enterprise systems, with best of breed solutions for digital marketing, customer experience management and content delivery (CDN).

Simple & Scalable

Magnolia is a simple and scalable enterprise-scale CMS, based on Java. Its open-source and API layer code allow smooth and solid integrations, while its touch and mobile-ready interface makes life of marketers easier when it comes to modifying pages.

The Open-Suite Approach

Magnolia is an open, agile CMS able to integrate with your marketing tools, third-party services and back-office systems. Magnolia allows you to build your own suite of tools and services. This ‘open-source’ approach gives you the maximum flexibility to move or swap technologies according to your business needs, allowing your team to be efficient & dynamic.

Tinext: Magnolia Certified Partners in Switzerland, Italy and the Middle East

Tinext is one of the world’s leading implementation partner for Magnolia CMS, having developed over 300 projects on this platform, for some of the top companies in their related fields including some Fortune 500. With one of the largest and most experienced Magnolia development team Tinext is able not only to provide fast and effective implementation services but also to setup and manage Magnolia infrastructures based on public or private clouds.
Tinext has been a Magnolia Premium Partner for over 10 years.

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