Social Media Hub for Magnolia 5

  • Posting on multiple Twitter accounts or Facebook pages
  • Manual or automatic content sharing
  • Multilanguage support
  • URL shortening via Google service (other services are pluggable)
  • Automatic hash-tagging
  • Sharing history
  • Stats and insights (trends, like count, mentions, retweets)
  • Community Edition based, can be upgraded to Enterprise Edition 
Mastering social media according to Tinext

To properly manage social media at an enterprise level not only requires specific skills, but it implies as well an important investment in time and human resources. Tinext knows how important it is to use social media to develop and promote your business, and that is why so much effort was put into developing this new module for Magnolia 5 to optimise the management for different social media accounts.

One dashboard only to manage all accounts

The Social Media Hub module has been developed specifically for Magnolia 5, and it integrates social media functions into the Content Management System: thanks to a dashboard, any editor can easily select a page in his own website, and share it on the social network he prefers in just a few clicks. The app can manage at the same time different Twitter accounts and multiple Facebook pages.


Automatic #hashtagging and URL shortening

The app allows you as well to add hashtags automatically to all your tweets, according to a dictionary which can be managed in the settings of the application. If you add URLs, Social Media Hub automatically shortens them through Google URL shortening service. 

Keep everything under control

Trends, insights, and statistics are shown directly on the app’s dashboard, so that editors are kept informed about the key metrics of the different social accounts. 

More Information

Contact Tinext to receive more information about this project or to receive an offer. 

Coming Soon
  • Other Social Network integration (Google Plus, LinkedIn)
  • Multisite support (EE)
  • Automatic sharing of content through Magnolia standard Activation flow


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