Optimize your business processes

At Tinext we build custom solutions for managing business processes, workflow, records and documents across your business. For us, Enterprise Content Management (ECM) is simply a powerful tool that can be integrated with existing systems to optimize real-world business processes.

Working with OpenText Content Suite

Tinext specializes in the development of bespoke ECM solutions for the financial and pharmaceutical sectors. We use OpenText Content Suite to answer real-world business challenges. Our expertise in developing customer front-end applications helps hide complexity from the end user.

Optimising processes

With the right partner, an open ECM platform offers far a more cost-effective solution than many industry-specific software solutions for managing business processes, workflow, records and documents. Using OpenText to solve a specific challenge, also gives C-Levels a powerful new platform to solve further challenges and optimize processes across the business.

Un approccio digitale per una gestione semplificata delle fatture passive
Gestire le fatture passive in modo rapido, preciso ed efficace consente di migliorare la produttività dei vostri collaboratori, il flusso di cassa e le relazioni con i fornitori. Grazie alle soluzioni OpenText, ottimizziamo e semplifichiamo il processo di ricezione, gestione, instradamento e monitoraggio delle fatture e della relativa documentazione. Gli stakeholder coinvolti nel processo di gestione e approvazione possono accedere in modo rapido ed efficace alle informazioni sulla fattura, ad esempio il numero di PO pertinente, e allo stato del pagamento. La soluzione instrada le fatture alla persona giusta per la risoluzione di centinaia di possibili eccezioni già censite nel sistema, l'approvazione e il pagamento. I gestori riesaminano e approvano le fatture direttamente dall’interfaccia SAP, garantendo dei cicli di approvazione rapidi e contribuendo così al miglioramento dei rapporti con i fornitori. 

A valuable business partner

Our ECM customers often come to Tinext to answer one single business process challenge. They stay with us to keep a valuable business partner. From efficient search methods and tools for your company documents, through workflows that automate your internal operating procedures, to regulatory compliance concerning electronic storage and the reduction of risk, Tinext understands the essence of effective ECM strategy.

OpenText™ Extended ECM for SAP® Solutions

Open text Extended ECM for SAP® Solutions gives enterprise users a 360° view and access to all structured and unstructured business content and documentation surrounding each key SAP® element, taking user experience to the next level.

Every SAP® business object stands out for consistency, clarity and data reliability (i.e. a vendor invoice, a book entry, etc...).But business context, history and the future development of each object are primarily defined by collateral documents (email, presentations, contracts, pictures, etc…). These documents originate from many different sources, often external, and are rarely integrated with SAP®.
OpenText™ Extended ECM for SAP® Solutions intgerates structured and unstructured content in a single view, fostering productivity and empowering collaboration between SAP® and non-SAP® teams. Learn more.
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