Easy and Solid Solutions for Ignis.it

  • July 2011

Main project objective: update the graphic look of Ignis.it, and readjust it to the rebranding of Ignis official logo.

Image Easy and Solid Solutions for Ignis.it


Ignis, the historical brand of Italian home appliances is now a brand of Whirlpool Europe, the company based in Comerio (Varese) wholly owned by the American Whirlpool Corporation, world leader in manufacturing and marketing home appliances. Whirlpool Europe has over 14'000 employees in Europe, is operating on more than 30 European markets, and has manufacturing and development activities in 7 countries.

Objective: Innovation and renewal

Update the graphic look for Ignis.it and readjust it to the rebranding of Ignis official logo, though preserving the characteristics and functions of the existing website. Develop the integration with a new product database.

Requirement: a new look

The customer requirement was to preserve the efficient content management system, completely integrated into the centralized database of Whirlpool products, but developing a new integration at the same time.

Meanwhile, revisiting and revamping the visual style has become necessary to align it to the new logo and improve the user’s navigation experience.

Solution: side by side with the customer keeping an eye on the world

Tinext has approached the project adapting the customer specific requirements to the quality standards of online design and communication.

Strong points: functional aesthetics

The website has a restyled and simplified layout that improves the use of contents and makes navigation pleasant.

Nevertheless, the key functions and characteristics already present in the website have been preserved, such as:

  • Complete and detailed product datasheets 
  • High usability and focus on functions connected to home appliances
  • Possibility of comparing several products belonging to the same category
  • High multimedia thanks to the many graphic elements
Customer: Whirlpool Europe S.r.l
Goal: Graphic restyling of the Ignis value brand website
Technology: XCMS
Year: 2011