Marino Bernasconi SA

  • April 2007

Europrodotti needed to renew its presence on the web, and update all information about its products available for the users. Furthermore, the customer needed the possibility of updating both contents and images in a totally autonomous way.


Europrodotti Marino Bernasconi SA is a company from Ticino that has been successfully operating in the business of urban fixtures and construction components since 1982.
The company manufactures designed, developed and patented aluminum products, such as "LaTettoia" and "Ciclopark".
In addition, Europrodotti is also a representative of the best brands in its sector.


Tinext has created a new website featuring stunning graphics which have a great impact on the user.

On the site, the user finds constantly updated information because, thanks to the content management system (XCMS) developed by Tinext, the customer can manage autonomously and in real time all information regarding the company and its products.


The content management system enables the customer to modify texts and images, and to add new contents autonomously and in a very easy and intuitive way. Information is therefore always correct and updated.
Furthermore, the customer can add all news, fairs he is participating to, sponsor initiatives and  keep his resellers updated by making his products easily findable.

Customer: Marino Bernasconi SA
Goal: Multilanguage website
Technology: XCMS
Year: 2007