Integrating Magnolia and OpenText: power and simplicity delivered to CECED

With a collective annual turnover in excess of €35 billion, the European Committee of Domestic Equipment Manufacturers (CECED) is one of the largest trade associations in the EU. The group’s output stretches from white goods, heating and air conditioning appliances, to vacuum cleaners, irons, toasters and electric toothbrushes.

CECED (Conseil Europèen de la Construction d'appareils Domestiques)
New website and Meeting Management System implementation
Magnolia CMS, Open Text
The new platform

Tinext used its systems integration skills to create a single, unified, online platform that addressed all of the groups business needs from one place. The new system combines a secure, personalized intranet, together with feature rich meeting management, document sharing, and tools for communication, collaboration and business process optimization.

The meeting management system

The meeting management system, document storage and many other elements of bespoke functionality within the new website, have been developed using OpenText, another popular solution for Enterprise Content Management. With OpenText now integrated into the core new web platform, CECED now has a powerful new tool for the future automation of new business processes and bringing them online.

A new personalized experience for CECED members

Once they are securely logged into the members section of the new CECED website, the system’s 4300 users are now presented with a personalized dashboard. This shows them the latest news of interest to the organization as a whole, an interactive calendar highlighting the next 5 meetings and a list of the latest documents that members have uploaded to the general CECED group library.

The dashboard also provides an integrated, doodle-type, polling function, for members to agree on the most popular timing for the meeting amongst themselves. 

The meeting’s web page, prospective attendee lists and invitation emails are generated automatically in Magnolia from the meeting reference number created in the Meeting management system.

More information

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  • One single point of entry to create a meeting
  • Contents automatic updated in the members website
  • Responsive design


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