• June 2010

Tinext realized an e-shop with great concern about user experience, making online shopping extremely easy, intuitive, and fun.

The Client

Buyfirst, an online retailer of underwear and clothes for 0-16 children, is built with special attention to customer needs. In this e-shop are offered branded clothes at competitive prices with an advanced post-sales service.


While approaching e-commerce, Buyfirst - a company selling branded baby clothes at low prices - had to face the most common difficulties for e-tailers. Among these challenges there is the ability to provide detailed information on products without having a face-to-face contact with the customer, building a relationship with the customer through a constant support during the purchase, and an efficient post-sales management.

While developing the project, Tinext referred to the highest market standard in the field of online commerce. The result is a website with a clear navigation flow, a friendly user interface, and a rich user experience.

These are some of the functionalities at customers disposal:

  • Different ways to access the product detail: the search process is perfectly integrated and does not interrupt the flow of navigation
  • The product detail page offers a vast array of information
  • Great attention is paid to the visual impact of the page. Thanks to the zoom functionality, each garment can be analyzed in detail
  • On every product page are advised associations with complementary products
  • A wish-list can be created, and emailed
  • Purchases can be provided in a gift wrap, at a little extra charge
  • Customers' order history is kept for facilitating products returns


  • Advanced user experience in both site navigation and products visualization
  • Detailed zoom on products' pictures makes it even easier to look at products’ details
  • Purchase (and re-purchase) items is easy, and there is the possibility to track the order shipment
Customer: Buyfirst
Goal: News website and eshop
Technology: XCMS
Year: 2010