Ambro Food SA

  • March 2007

Ambro Food SA needed an e-shop for selling Espresso System products.


Ambro Food SA is a company specialized in the field of typical Italian food products, and it is the exclusive provider of reference for the Swiss market for food products made ​​in Italy.


Tinext created an e-commerce system based on XCMS. The web solution has a linear design which allows the user to easily purchase the needed product.

The management of the merchant side - management system of the e-commerce platform - allows to check the orders, arrange discounts, apply promotions and check the delivery status.

The section reserved to Espresso System allows the user to understand the functioning of the machine, and to find out its strengths.


The online buying process can be done in two different ways:

  • Looking through the products' catalogue or
  • Accessing directly the orders section, where who is already familiar with the products and knows what he wants to purchase can proceed with the buying process
Customer: Ambro Food SA
Goal: E-commerce web site
Technology: XCMS
Year: 2007