Experience and Social Functionalities for Ticino.ch

  • October 2010

Architecture and design definition, as well as website development are the key features of the new portal for www.ticino.ch.

Image Experience and Social Functionalities for Ticino.ch

The project

Particular attention has been paid to the information architecture and to the integration of data coming from the ticinoinfo database.

Other characteristics concern:

  • Emphasis on content according to marketing needs; possibility to add editorial content to database information
  • Users’ engagement thanks to the integration of contents coming from social networks
  • Content distribution over different channels, with particular attention to the mobile one

Customer's needs

Ticino Tourism had a comprehensive database of accommodation, gastronomy and events for the Ticino region. This information was being distributed to local tourism boards and other association. Standard information, however, was no longer enough for partners, who needed a way to modify, or improve, the data with specific information to satisfy their own marketing needs.


Tinext performed the following activities for ticinoinfo:

  • In depth analysis for the definition of the portal information architecture, encompassing structural and functional aspects
  • Concept and design of the new portal
  • Configuration, development, and personalization of the web content management tool (WCM), based on Magnolia
  • Integration with ticinoinfo database
  • Ticinoinfo personnel training for managing web contents with the new WCM
  • Travel planner solutions
  • WCM personalization with special paragraphs allowing integration of content from social networks
  • iPhone application (iTicino)
  • Meeting and incentives website (MICE): meetings.ticino.ch

Coming soon: press website (MediaZone), website localization in other languages, mobile version of the website.


Project's strengths

The new Ticino.ch web portal allows content editors to select existing contents from ticinoinfo and adapt them, adding new information. Consequently, ticinoinfo is able to present and publish on the web very rich and personalized pages that set the portal apart.

Moreover, thanks to the travel planner tool, web visitors can create a personal trip itinerary to be shared with friends via email or social networks.



The innovation brought by this new portal has been underlined also by Magnolia. At this link you can find a case study with more information about the project.

Customer: Ticinoinfo
Goal: New website
Technology: Magnolia CMS
Year: 2010

Magnolia CMS allows us to easily meet the specific customization needs of our clients. The integration of Social Network tools gives us the opportunity to merge structured and editorial content. The result speaks directly to actual and prospect tourists. It provides the information they need in a new multimedia, involving, and appealing experience.


Mattia Storni, Managing Director, ticinoinfo sa