New generation tourism for Canton Ticino

ATT SA (formerly Ticino Turismo) is the Ticinese official tourist agency that aims to increase the attractiveness of the Canton, enhancing the experience lived by people in Ticino. After two years of intense work, the project for the promotion of tourist routes assigned to ATT by the Department of Finance and Economy is a reality and the web plays a crucial role.

ATT - Ticino Turismo
New portal implementation
Magnolia CMS
Ticino 3.0

The new ATT marketing strategy highlighted the need to completely renovate the communication, focusing on digital and ecouraging interaction with travelers. ATT chose to promote the cantonal tourist routes through a combination of traditional media and advanced technologies, to offer complete tourist experiences: from information retrieval to itineraries planning and customization, from booking of hotels and restaurants to an interactive app able to accompany users on their routes.

A new generation of tourism

To achieve such ambitious objectives, ATT endorsed an integrated online-offline communication. Tinext engaged in the renovation of the web portal, which had first released in 2010. Particular attention has been given to user experience, information architecture, design and integration with the customer database.


A "mobile first" approach declined in the 3 breakpoint mobile-tablet-desktop completes the picture of the new

Storytelling and customization

After a thorough analysis of the information architecture, Tinext created the graphic and functional layout of the new portal according to the canons of the "storytelling" and the need for integration of social content. We later developed, configured and customized the web content management (WCM) platform, based on Magnolia Enterprise Edition 5.3, enabling it to manage multi-language (Italian, English, German, French).

A user-centered, fully integrated website

Specifically, the key points in the development of the new portal were:

  • Prototyping for the study of several actual navigation paths
  • Integration with the ticinoinfo database via web services
  • The "favorite" management fully integrated with Facebook and Google
  • The integration of third-party services for maps and geolocation (SUPSI)
  • The provision of information feeds for other project partners
  • Integration with the innovative HikeTicino APP
More information

Contact Tinext to receive more information in regards to this project or to receive an offer.

  • Eye-catching graphics, rich content
  • "Mobile First" web design
  • Excellent user experience thanks to the high customization of routes
  • Rich media support (video from the drones and geo-referenced images)
  • Full integration with third party applications and ticinoinfo touristic database


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