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  • December 2011

A new way of interpreting the (digital) relationship between the citizen and the city for

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Being the ninth city in Switzerland in terms of dimensions, the first city in the Tessin Canton, and the third best-established banking centre at international level after Zürich and Geneva, Lugano has been for a long time one of the forerunner cities in developing digital information services for its citizens.

Requirement: efficient communication

Improving the website communication effectiveness, reorganizing contents by main subject areas and user targets, creating a preparatory platform for the supply of online services in compliance with the electronic government rules, and making the website a channel of direct and continuous communication with the citizen and a wider public applying to Lugano specific services, such as culture, finance, healthcare, etc., were just a few challenges that Tinext had to face and solved throughout the project. 

A flexible and integrated solution

A platform with a strong editorial orientation that enables the customer to manage original contents, and connect to them produced on internal platforms (Lotus) by interpreting the users’ needs, even if they are not citizens of Lugano.
The website allows to disintermediate and facilitate dialog between user and public administration by conveying communication through easy-to-find contents having a clear and direct language.
This is the reason why the city of Lugano has chosen Magnolia, a platform with a strong editorial orientation, improved by some customizations developed by Tinext.



  • Integrated navigation systems (by target, by task, by contents emerging, traditional navigation, AZ index and tag cloud)
  • Localization of all contents on the maps
  • Google Search setup
  • Development of a system to categorize and mirror contents: possibility of finding and displaying the same content in several website points, irrespective of navigation
Customer: Comune di Lugano
Goal: New website
Technology: Magnolia WCM
Year: 2011