• June 2011

Ginsana asked for a different look to enhance the potentiality of natural resources.


Ginsana SA operates in the high-quality natural health sector, comprising pharmaceutical products and supplements made using natural substances and extracts. Ginsana SA’s products are the result of the most rigorous scientific research and experience acquired over many years of activity.

Customer's needs

Ginsana asked for a style to emphasize the potentiality of natural resources, and the rigour in making these resources available to people through high quality pharmaceutical products.


To enhance the website concept, Tinext turned Ginsana’s requirement into an harmonious and accurate website, which communicates the fundamental scientific rigour of products that are made using natural substances and extracts. Magnolia CMS has been chosen as technology for managing the website and its contents.



The web site is developed with an architecture that allows to move through contents in a simple and intuitive way. Images and colours make the site harmonious and clean.

Customer: Ginsana SA
Goal: Development of the new website
Technology: Magnolia CMS
Year: 2011