EOLO doubles online self-service purchases

EOLO, NGI SpA brand, is the leading independent fixed wireless network in Italy, for ultra broadband Internet access, with more than 180,000 active customers and a coverage of over 4600 municipalities in 13 regions.

New e-commerce portal implementation
Magnolia CMS
The wind of change

Given the substantial growth in its wireless network in the recent years, NGI wanted to renew its image, focusing on promoting the brand EOLO and implementing a new site to provide users with an excellent user experience and the ability to self-manage their subscriptions.

Following the "Digital Customer Journey"

NGI wanted an e-commerce platform based on the principle of the "Digital Customer Journey", able to "follow" their clients on their digital path from information search to purchase, offering personalized and relevant content in the best moments, on any device. EOLO had to address five clusters of users: B2C customers, B2B customers, resellers, VARs and wholesale partners.

Integration with existing systems

Another key requirement was that the new portal would perfectly communicate with the CRM and the internal legacy systems, without creating too many inconveniences due to the change of platform. The ability to store data from real-time web and easily capitalize on them is a great enabler for advanced marketing intelligence strategies and to monitor and tune any ongoing campaigns.

A new brand, a new web


Tinext worked closely with three business units - marketing, information systems and customer service - and achieved a total rebranding of EOLO and an e-commerce platform able to exploit the full potential of the web. Thanks to Magnolia CMS v.5, for each type of user Tinext could provide specific navigation paths and implement an ad hoc dashborad, easy to use for buying and managing subscriptions.


Thanks to this innovation, the company has doubled the subscriptions in self-service mode only in the first month.


More information

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  • Highly customized CMS able to follow the Digital Customer Journey
  • Prototyping at the base of web design
  • Cutting-edge brand and web design
  • Strong system integration components


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