A new, handy, and reliable CMS for AlArabiya.net, the most visited website in the Middle East

AlArabiya.net is the online presence of Al Arabiya News Channel, the leading news channel in the Arab world.

Al Arabiya News Channel
Magnolia CMS implementation
Magnolia CMS
A new CMS

AlArabiya.net is a pioneer in online journalism in the Arabic speaking world and aspires to be the most reliable source of news and analysis about the Middle East, catering to readers all over the world. With 70 million visitors per month, AlArabiya.net is the most accessed website of the Middle East.

For Al Arabiya, Tinext took care of the migration from the old CMS to Magnolia CMS, integrating innumerable data sources and external applications, besides personalising the product to allow the editorial staff to publish articles at the speed of light.  

20.000 visitors per second

In a region such as the Middle East, which has been protagonist in the news of the past years, the local and international interest has grown exponentially until getting to 79 million visitors from across the globe per month, with peaks of 20.000 visitors per second.
Managing the traffic has been possible thanks to a CDN (Content Delivery Network), which allows to manage the traffic at best throughout the whole infrastructure.  

Safety first

Because of its international visibility and for the topics covered, the website of the news channel Al Arabiya is constantly under IT attacks. The infrastructure has been designed to minimise risks and guarantee, and the same time, a 24/7 service availability and publishing.  

Publishing at the speed of light

At Al Arabiya experienced professionals publish articles and multimedia in 4 different languages (Arabic English, Urdu and Farsi) around the clock 24/7. Fast and smooth article publishing was therefore crucial. Tinext developed custom functionalities to allow web editors to write and publish articles within 3 minutes time.
Publishing content takes less than one minute, and it only takes the editorial two steps to publish the content, which helps the team to be aligned with the speed at which events actually happen.  


Seamless system integration

Thanks to Magnolia CMS’ scalability, it was possible to easily integrate a vast variety of other external systems, such as data sources, used to manage financials, or weather forecast; or other legacy systems belonging to the news channel used to manage videos and images coming from TV. In addition, all articles can be available on mobile through an ad-hoc app.

Managing social media directly from the CMS

Social Media Hub was developed ad-hoc for AlArabiya.net editorial, so that all web editors can select the articles of major interest and share them with one click on their preferred social medial channel, 30 in total, including YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter.  

70mio visits/month
200.000 managed pages
200+ articles/day
4 different languages
More information

Contact Tinext to receive more information in regards to this project or to receive an offer.

  • Personalised CMS to allow fast articles’ publishing
  • Different external systems’ integration
  • The infrastructure can manage the traffic until 20.000 visitors per second
  • High safety standards
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