Thalia SA: Funds under Control from all over the World.

  • November 2010

The client needed a solution to easily manage its online presence and create a privileged communication channel with its customers. Financial information, moreover, had to be presented according to security restrictions and complying with international regulations on financial data distribution.


Thalìa Invest is an alternative asset management company 51% owned by BSI SA (one of the oldest and most reputable banks in Switzerland) and 49% by Generali Investments (Italy).

The solution

Thanks to Magnolia CMS flexibility and to custom extensions on Magnolia PUR Module developed by the Tinext developers team, the website can manage not only users registration but also a presentation of contents that reflects users profile. A creation of a personal funds' basket is also allowed.


 The client benefited of several improvements both on the number of visitors and website's authors:

  • Website's contents easy management
  • Financial information update and file upload
  • Integration and extension of Magnolia Public User Registration (PUR) Module
  • Workflow for approval of users subscriptions
  • Personalized access to funds’ information
  • Users are allowed to create their own portfolio of funds (MyThalia), constantly updated over time
  • Funds information update via Magnolia DATA Module
Customer: Thalia SA
Goal: Development of the institutional website and of the restricted area
Technology: Magnolia CMS
Year: 2010
Thalia sa logo
Thalia sa logo