Generali named best insurance website in Europe


Generali is a major player in the global insurance industry. For almost 200 years, the group’s business has played a vital role in supporting the growth, development and welfare of modern society. Headquartered in Trieste, Generali Group is Italy’s largest insurer and currently one of the largest in the world. It is present in 60 countries with 55 bilion customers and nearly 76K employees.

New corporate website
Magnolia CMS
A new communication for Stakeholders


Generali’s pioneering communications team wanted to develop a new, more visual style for interacting with the group’s stakeholders (investors, journalists and analysts).


They were keen to combine rich multimedia with the latest techniques in creative storytelling. At the same time, the team wanted to deliver sophisticated underlying functionality built on the latest content management and document management technologies. With the reality of today’s complex, fractured digital journeys, the new platform also had to maintain smooth, seamless communication as visitors moved across multiple screens.

Digital Transformation in Finance

Generali tested multiple different content management systems, before choosing Magnolia for its new web platform, with Tinext working as the lead systems integrator. Tinext guided Generali through an important digital transformation with a strong, confident consulting-lead approach.


We needed a partner that understood Magnolia as a technology: not just what it does, but what it can be made to do. With previous experience of digital transformation in the financial sector, Tinext was clearly the right choice”.


Marco Molino, Head of Web Management at Generali

Compliance, Storytelling and User Experience

Tinext developed a powerful business platform, integrated with many third parties’ corporate applications and compliant with all the CONSOB (The Italian Commission for Companies and the Stock Exchange) regulations for financial communications and investor relations.


A sophisticated media center implementation allows content to be targeted more effectively at individual users. With the ability to tag documents and rich media, Generali’s communications team can also give content items different, dynamic appearances, depending on context and where they appear in the site.


Tinext added interactive calendaring and the ability for journalists, analysts and investors to subscribe to regular updates from the group.

Award Winning Results

Best Insurance Website in Europe by Webranking FT Europe 500 by Comprend:


Generali truly knows how to interact with key stakeholders using digital communication.



Illustrating best practice for navigation in Bowen Craggs Index of Online Excellence:


Few websites have got the right balance yet, but Generali’s approach manages to mix a contemporary look and feel without reducing usability at lower levels.

More information

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  • Sophisticated media handling
  • Security, stability
  • Easy integration with the corporate search engine SOLR
  • Targeting of content
  • Advanced Content Management Handling of traffic peaks
  • Easy and quick publishing of content, news and press releases
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