Compass Asset Management

  • November 2008

Renew its web graphics with a new corporate site to spread information about the company, and the offered services.

Image Compass Asset Management


Compass Asset Management, a company of financial consulting and asset management for private clients, was established in 1998.


The company needed to renew its image on the web with a new corporate site to inform to the general public about the company, and the offered services. A specific request of the client was the possibility of managing website contents autonomously and directly.


Adoption of a WCM (Web Content Management System) to satisfy the client's needs and give him total freedom in managing the website. Tinext has introduced a Web Content Management (WCM) system, that means a web accessible application allowing to create, modify, and remove website contents.


Website with modern design and technology:

  • New graphics and navigation layout based on the corporate identity
  • WCM system for a totally autonomous management of website contents
  • Compliance with the main requirements in terms of usability, readability and ease of use
Customer: Compass Asset Management SA
Goal: Creation of new website
Technology: XCMS
Year: 2008