Banca dello Stato: celebrating 100 years of service

  • December 2011

The Banca dello Stato del Canton Ticino is about to reach its first centenary and has decided to further renew its presence on the digital channel with a new website.

Image Banca dello Stato: celebrating 100 years of service


The Banca dello Stato del Cantone Ticino (also known just as BancaStato), a Swiss cantonal bank founded in 1915, is an autonomous body having legal entity governed by public law. Its capital is totally owned by Repubblica and Canton Ticino. By virtue of its public mandate, the bank has the explicit aim of promoting economic development in the region, and offering the possibility of a safe and profitable savings' investment. Deposits are guaranteed by the Canton Ticino.

Needs: renewal and autonomy

The customer had several needs. First of all, renewing the digital presence of BancaStato to make it more modern and functional by integrating all those activities that were already coordinated offline. The second need was to improve the organization of contents and their accessibility by getting rid of the previous information architecture, and preserving and improving calculation tools, such as the mortgages' calculator and exchange rates, and access to selfnet.
In regards to the editorial content, higher flexibility and autonomy of intervention were required to assure prompt modifications and publication of pages.

Solution: flexibility and independence with Magnolia

The right solution to meet all BancaStato's requirements has been Magnolia CMS, a solid and flexible tool featuring a proven track record in the finance, and insurance sector. 
The advanced workflow system, in particular, has been adopted to regulate the flow for pages' publication, and Magnolia categories have been used to allow two types of access to contents: by products and by needs.
Considering the typical target customers, special attention has been given to the portal compatibility with mobile devices, above all tablets.


  • Ease of use, independence and autonomy in managing contents
  • Activation of new tools and optimization of existing tools
  • Infrastructure to be totally managed by the client
  • Double navigation experience: by products and by needs



Customer: Banca Stato
Goal: Redesign the web portal and integrate data about funds from the previous system.
Technology: Magnolia CMS
Year: 2011