Banca dello Stato bets on online communication

  • March 2005

Banca dello Stato improves and extends bank's external communication through the online channel.

Image Banca dello Stato bets on online communication

Client's background

Banca dello Stato del Cantone Ticino was founded in 1915 in order to promote the economic growth of the region, and allow its citizens to safely and profitably invest their savings. 
Today the Bank offers all the products and services of a universal bank through its 23 branches and offices and almost 600 employees.

Client's needs

Improving and extending the bank's external communication through the on-line channel, as well as advancing from the previous web site which contents were static and could not be independently modified by its authors but only by technical experts.
Naturally, the website needed, at the same time, to adhere to the bank's corporate identity standards.


Develop a public web site through which progressively improve the bank's external communication.
Provide the authors with a site structure based on Livelink WCM technology, which is independently modifiable and extendable without the need for technical experts to intervene.
Contents' publication only with manager's authorization and through a simple and intuitive workflow.


  • Contents' creation and publishing is simplified thanks to Livelink WCM product's workflow functionalities
  • Timing for updating and for the inclusion of new information for the public is optimized
  • Better employed resources
  • Interactivity with the public through calculation instruments
  • Total adhesion to corporate identity
Customer: Banca Stato
Goal: New website
Technology: Livelink WCM
Year: 2005