BSI Bets on Magnolia for content management of its new website

  • November 2010

Website remake and integration, using data from the pre-existing system

Image BSI Bets on Magnolia for content management of its new website


BSI SA is the oldest bank in the Tessin Canton. Founded in 1873 with the name of “Banca della Svizzera Italiana”, today BSI is a banking institution specialized in asset management and complimentary services for private and institutional clients. In 1998, the bank became part of the Generali Group, one of the world’s largest insurance companies.  

Requirements: autonomy, visibility, efficiency

BSI requirement was to improve some of the characteristics which were lacking in the previous website. One of the main challenges was optimizing the website for search engines. The website, evidently, had some issues managing metadata and creating parametric URLs, which were not meaningful neither to users, nor to search engines.

Secondly, BSI needed a system allowing to create some pages and sub-sites dedicated to the initiatives directly dependent from the main website, preserving the immediacy and autonomy of the editing process at the same time. This process had to be integrated with the former funds management system managed and updated live by the bank. Finally, the client was looking for a hosting solution complying with all security standards where to place his infrastructure.



The solution proposed by Tinext to meet BSI requirements is the Enterprise version of Magnolia CMS, a powerful, versatile, and suitable tool for integration with third party tools and systems. The integration of data coming from the previous system used, is entirely managed by WebServices. Together with the News Feed RSS, all previous data is exported in order to be used on the mobile application.

The platform is hosted on a technological infrstructure wich is entirely scalable and totally redundant: for this platform, Tinext took care of installation, configuration, as well as physical and logical security, ranking it at the level required by the high standards of the customer.


• Ease of use, and management autonomy
• Fast and efficient creation of independent sub-sites or web properties
• Synchronization of data from different sources to one single platform
• Infrastructure complying with high security standards and business continuity assurance, as well as disaster recovery


Customer: BSI Bank
Goal: Redesign the web portal and integrate data about funds from the previous system.
Technology: Magnolia CMS
Year: 2010
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