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What makes the services offered by Tinext so special?

  • Project design: we define the optimum architecture for your applications;
  • Migration: we take care of migrating your site or software to the cloud;
  • Management: we take care of all updates;
  • Optimisation: we continuously resize the infrastructure in relation to effective load, avoiding inefficiency and waste;
  • Monitoring: if something goes wrong, we are the first to know about and take appropriate action;
  • Support: choose the SLA that is right for you, with up to 24-hour coverage, in relation to the effective needs of what resides on your infrastructure

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Il valore aggiunto Tinext
Tinext Monitoring
The comprehensive pro-active infrastructure status monitoring and alerting service used by Tinext technicians may also be used by clients to monitor their own resources.
Tinext Technical support
Boasting extensive expertise, our certified and dedicated system engineers are invaluable for the management of global data centre services, and are on call to help clients with direct support or simple advice.
Tinext Mainteinance
A transverse infrastructure maintenance programme that is crucial for SLA compliance and ensuring outstanding performance and efficiency at all times.
Tinext project management
An essential service delivered by our highly skilled sales personnel to guide the client during both pre-sales and aftersales stages of the process.
Tinext 3 week retention
Tinext retains your backup data for a remarkable 3 weeks on its infrastructure!