Your IT infrastructure on a Swiss managed private Cloud

Tinext offers Cloud Computing services, Hosting and Fully Managed Applications through its own dedicated T3+ datacenter facilities in Morbio Inferiore, Switzerland. Dedicated fibre links give customers the additional option of off-site mirroring and replication at our secondary datacenter in Lugano. We provide our customners with fully-accountable IT services: from design and delivery to ongoing provisioning and support.

Our Cloud offering
Private Cloud Computing
We virtualize your company's server infrastructure into a secure Private Cloud, with a fully customized project based on your business needs and a granted continuous support.
Software & Cloud Services
Our SaaS services: Disaster Recovery, Cloud Backup, File sharing, Virtual Office, Hosted Exchange, Magnolia Infrastructure, OpenText Content Server.
We offer our customers a new generation datacenter, located in Switzerland, to host the company infrastructure in colocation or rental mode.
Cloud Integrator
We provide consultancy to migrate form client/server softwares to SaaS solutions, supporting our customers form the analysis and planning phases to deploy, testing and maintenance.
A tier 3+ datacenter

Tinext offers Cloud Computing, Hosting e Application Management services in its proprietary datacenter T3+ located in Morbio Inferiore, Switzerland. We provide secure hi-tech solutions that allow companies to outsource their IT infrastructure. Preserving them to lose application control, we give our customers the guarantee of a secure, reliable and flexible infrastructure, that leads to enhanced performances and budgetary savings.

Success Story: NewRock, Ticicom & Tinext

"With Tinext we finally managed to outsource a large part of the IT infrastucture of our client New Rock SA, essential to meet their need for flexibility, cost reduction and service availability.


We achieved these goals thanks to:

  • a high-level consultancy, from pre-sale to analysis, delivery and support;
  • the ability to customize the project according to customer requirements;
  • the guarantee to have our services hosted in a secure infrastructure yet always at our disposal.


These key elements allowed us to keep control over our data, which cannot be ensured by public cloud solutions. Tinext has proved to be the ideal partner to successfully face this challenging project." - Luciano Ambrogi, Manager of Ticicom SA.

More information

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Why are we different?
  • Project planning: we define the optimal architecture for your applications;
  • Migration: we deal with getting your site or your software in the Cloud;
  • Management: we provide all the updates on a regular basis;
  • Optimization: we adapt continuously the infrastructure size according to effective loads, avoiding unnecessary waste;
  • Monitoring: we are always in control and intervene immediately if required;
  • Support: we give you the opportunity to choose customized service levels (SLA), up to 24/7 coverage, according to the real needs.