Digital Agency and web development

Our consulting blends cutting edge knowledge, with wisdom gained from real world experience. By delivering over 800 successful enterprise projects, Tinext consultants have gained a powerful edge in solving the next business challenge.

Compelling online experiences

Our unique mix of business, creative, and technical skills allows Tinext to offer a comprehensive portfolio of services. Key areas include online experience management, business process consultancy, information architecture, web design, development, and digital marketing. Expertise in more specific areas such as UI and experience design, mobile web and multichannel, social media, SEO and analytics are all part of the service. 

A solid approach to Information Architecture

Tinext's approach to Information Architecture (IA) is based on the IA Institute framework ( This user-centered methodology focuses user's needs and simply views technology as the enabler. 

Analysis and prototyping

Tinext places great value on the analysis phase. Tinext analysts review the overall information architecture and prepare fully functional mock-ups of all our solution before development starts. This allows us to double-check requirements and expectations early on, minimizing any risk and delay on the project.

Mobile-first approach

Today, web means mobile. This is why Tinext projects and prototypes start with mobile and scale up to the desktop, allowing the design of consistent and usable cross-device experiences.

Web design and user experience

Tinext only employs pure web designers. Our design team is in touch with the very latest design trends, integrating them into compelling and functional digital solutions. 

Content management made easy with Magnolia

Magnolia CMS is Tinext's weapon of choice for web solution. Magnolia powers the websites of government as well as leading Fortune 500 enterprises. Tinext is the leading global implementation partner for Magnolia CMS, with over 100 successful installations worldwide, including Al Arabiya News Channel, Prada, Royal Caribbean Cruises and Whirlpool.

Experienced Project Managers

Coordinating all of our services and delivering solutions on time and on budget is the responsibility of our PMP-certified project managers. We involve an experienced project manager from the very outset of all our contracts. The involvement of project managers, even at the consulting phase, means that projects are planned and evaluated more accurately, ensuring that they run smoothly from start to finish.

Analysis & digital business consulting
Information architecture
User Experience & Web design
Web Development
Social Media
Email Marketing