Our partners

Tinext is a leading global partner for Magnolia CMS, OpenText and Salesforce Marketing Cloud, with over 800 successful projects across areas as diverse as fashion, finance, government, manufacturing, broadcast, travel and tourism.

Magnolia CMS


Magnolia is a powerful Open Source enterprise content management system (CMS) that delivers smartphone simplicity on an enterprise-scale. Following its first release in 2003, Magnolia has rapidly become the preferred choice in Java-based CMS solutions. Its user-friendly web interface and use of open standards, such as JSR-170, have led to Magnolia being used in thousands of installations all over the world.
Tinext has been a Magnolia Certified Partner since 2009.



OpenText is a leader in enterprise content management (ECM), helping organisations to manage and obtain the true value of their business content.
With two decades of experience, OpenText supports millions of users in 114 countries.
Working with its customers and partners, OpenText brings together leading Content Experts to help organisations capture and preserve corporate memory, increase brand equity, automate processes, reduce risk, manage compliance, and improve competitiveness.

Salesforce Marketing Cloud is the world’s leading 1:1 digital marketing platform, helping companies connect with their customers in a whole new way. This easy-to-run application brings disparate customer communications together and allows marketers to manage all their digital marketing activities within one platform.

With Salesforce Marketing Cloud, you can build a single view of your customers, automate real-time customer journeys and connect to your customers with personalized content on any channel and any device.