Welcome to the Tinext Building, the new Tinext headquarters

  • 28 April 2014

From May 2, 2014, Tinext operations offices will be located within the new Tinext Building, a completely renovated structure purchased months ago, bolstering the success of the group’s business.

Image Welcome to the Tinext Building, the new Tinext headquarters

After having purchased the 2000 metres squared space in Morbio Inferiore, Tinext has completed renovations and offices will be moved over on May 1st.

The area chosen for the Tinext building is a strategic one, ensuring the company a continued presence within the Swiss market, while also reinforcing its business on an international level.

New offices and restructured operations for a revised business vision

The new completely renovated space is extensive and modern; an environment encouraging the continued development of a dynamic business.

The new Tinext Building is also adopting a new work style and procedure: It will function like more of a factory where technological rationality is blended with creativity and design. A factory where two very different elements are melded together in the creation of a new and unique work vision: dynamic and creative, specialised and global.

The stability of a former bank

The new office is on the premises of a former major European bank. The space has been completely reworked and the datacenter has been updated with the highest technology, featuring enhanced security.

In the new building, Tinext will continue to co-habitate with its partner, Swisscolocation, one of the three major datacenter structures in Switzerland.

Continuity of service maintained

Also during our shift in location, which will happen over a few days, Tinext will provide continuity of all business operations.

Telephone numbers, and those of staff members will remain unchanged, while the new address is:

Viale Serfontana 7
Morbio Inferiore

All else will run as it always has; with high efficiency and the quality of service Tinext is known for.