Luxexforma: light paths

  • 29 June 2012

Luxoro is online with its new website: is a showcase to present the potential of products in their application.
A useful resource for every designer. elegant, responsive, multimedial

Luxexforma is a Luxoro's brand, a company that for over 30 years has chosen the path of quality and innovative technology in the industry for hot stamping and that partner of Kurz, the undisputed leader on the international market.

The site's goal was to present the most important and significant case studies in which the elegant materials produced by the company are applied in various sectors, from fashion to the wine industry.

Tinext, given the peculiarities of the project, focused on the creativity to develop an emotional concept and a high-impact design fully based on the idea of gold and light, thus emphasizing the elegance and quality of materials.

From the technological point of view, great attention has been paid to the use of the site on different devices, using the new HTML5 standard that is compatible with the latest generation of mobile devices such as iPad and iPhone.

To further improve the user experience, the website has been designed with the concept of responsive design, which provides an improved surfing experience with any resolution available.

Another important feature is the use of video to present the solution adopted by the designers.

Through this project, Luxoro has provided a showcase designed to designers interested in collecting information about the potential of products in their application.

Visit now the paths of light by Luxexforma!