Social integration with Tinext

  • 08 April 2013
Image Social integration with Tinext

Among the different communication tools which are available online, social networks had by far the greatest impact when it comes to growth and penetration, as well as the influence they had on the daily habits of users.

Facebook counts on a user base reaching over one billion people, while Twitter and Google + have respectively 200 and 500 million active users. 

When facing such important figures, it is impossible to ignore the social media phenomenon which in the past few years has rapidly developed, expanding to the point of creating interesting integrations with websites and apps. 

To meet the needs of the market, Tinext has specialized in the developement of native applications, as well as in the integration of tools and and functionalities which normally belong to social networks, so to favour the migration of contents and increase user engagement.

Among the several projects which include social integration, there are: