A Social Contest

  • 01 November 2012
momenti speciali is a website fully integrated with social networks, in order to build a contest for its users. The most-voted and shared posts will be competing for exciting prizes, kindly offered by the prestigious sponsors.

Business Context

In a fast pace environment such as advertising, communication opportunities keep on rising, and unidirectional communication (such as displays, banners, and PPC campaigns) is not enough anymore.

A more engaging and disruptive way to stimulate and create brand awareness is therefore needed. Under these premises, Tinext developped a digital contest which allows users to post images, descriptions, and videos about their “special moments”. Since prizes are offered to the most interesting posts, users are invited to share their posts as much as possible, so to spread them using social media networks. 


 Italian population, women with children in particular. 


To create engagement, stimulate positive emotional feelings and brand awareness, as well as supporting promotional campaigns online, and offline. 

Communication strategies

momenti speciali
momenti speciali

To increase the engagement and interest level toward clients’ brands, Tinext created an emotional social contest, called Momenti-Speciali ("special moments").

The contest is based on the user generated content (text, images, and  videos), directly posted on the website The posted content is spread through the use of social networks, such as Facebook, Twitter, and Google+.

The contest is supported by an online and offline campaign, and is sponsored by Sanofi Lisomucil, Merial Frontline Combo, Bric’s, Raviolifio lo Scoiattolo, Artsana Chicco, Royal Caribbean, and Contadi Castaldi. The sponsors promote the contest through their communication channels, such as corporate websites, social media pages, newslettes, press office, and corporate blogs.

The contest is also supported by viral videos, which have been launched in November 2012.