Release of the new website

  • 18 March 2013
Image Release of the new website

Avioport SpA was born from the collaboration between Schipol Real Estate BV and Finair SRL. Tinext has created the website for their logistic hub- which includes several layouts of offices, warehouses, and restaurants - located just a few kilometres away from Milan Malpensa Airport.

For AvioPort, Tinext has created a website with outstanding graphics, and a navigation which is simple and intuitive. 

In addition, Tinext has developed a content managed system to allow the client to update the website whenever there is the need to, so to communicate news and events related to AvioPort.

Tinext has as well integrated interactive maps into the website, which allow the user to visualize clearly the logistic pole. 

Finally, in order to improve their positioning, AvioPort needed as well to be easily findable and indexed properly by search engines: consequently, Tinext has carefully planned a positioning campaign ad hoc to guarantee maximum visibility to Avioport on the web. 

Visit the website!