A more powerful Extranet for UNIQA with Tinext and Magnolia

  • 15 January 2016

Morbio Inf. (CH): Tinext extends the Extranet functionalities for UNIQA Italy, an important insurance company, by implementing a module to handle non-standard quote requests on Magnolia CMS.

Image A more powerful Extranet for UNIQA with Tinext and Magnolia

UNIQA Italia, a leading insurance company with headquarters in Austria, had created an Extranet for its sales network based on Magnolia CMS EE version 5. x. However the company received a high volume of non-structured quotation requests by its agencies for non-standard insurance policies or for adding guarantees on risks not covered in the standard price list. 

Hence the need to develop a new module that would allow intermediaries to enter their quotation requests, activating the workflow approval, with the possibility to keep track of the progress of the request until closing (positive or negative).
Tinext was chosen for its proven experience on the Magnolia platform (we are certified partner since 2009) and for the solid skills in information architecture, user experience and system integration, with several projects already developed on Magnolia 5. x.

Key features of the project:

  • Authentication/permissions management: Tinext has proceeded to implement an integration with internal customer authentication and authorization systems, capable of providing advanced information, in addition to the login, on all the resources involved in the request for quotation management workflow;
  • Form: the Form Builder module provided by Magnolia CMS allows to easily create forms (also multi-step) within the Extranet.
  • Real Time Dashboard: every request received through the form generates a unique quote. Users can consult at any time – as long as they are allowed – a real time updated dashboard that contains the status of the open requests and the history of the closed ones. From the dashboard, you can also export the list of requests and their status in csv format.
  • Versioning: chance to save a new version for each activation, with the possibility to view differences and to restore an old version of the document/page.
  • Workflow: Tinext implemented a complete and automatized workflow management for "non-standard quotation requests", starting from UNIQA partner agencies to the checking of the "Assuntori", to the approval by the "Approvers"
  • Media assets management: the Magnolia DMS serves has a repository for all multimedia assets and documents of the website: PDF, documents, videos, images, etc...

Final users

 The new form was developed taking into account the different categories of final users:

  • Agencies
  • Storers (Uniqa)
  • Regional Managers and Area Managers (Uniqa)
  • Direction/Approvers (Uniqua)

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