Tinext proclaimed winner of the prize "website of the year" for the production of Lausanne.ch

  • 04 September 2012
site of the year anno

During the Magnolia conference held in Basel, the Swiss company Magnolia International Ltd., owner of the Content Mangement System (CMS) Magnolia, awarded Tinext with the prize for “website of the year” for the production of Lausanne.ch.

During the Magnolia Conference held in Basel, Lausanne.ch was awarded "website of the year".

The award, established to highlight major and large-scale projects based on the popular CMS, takes into account several technological aspects, including user interaction, and the results obtained from the implemented solution.

The complexity of the project and its performance clearly favoured the winnig of the award: more than 300,000 monthly page views, 8 languages available, and 70 editors involved in creating and editing its content. 

Read the full case study or visit the website of the city of Lausanne!