Tinext and Ticicom for the IT outsourcing of New Rock SA

  • 02 April 2015

Morbio Inf. (CH): Tinext supports partner: Ticicom for the outsourcing of the IT infrastructure of New Rock SA.

Image Tinext and Ticicom for the IT outsourcing of New Rock SA

New Rock SA, a Swiss Company in strong expansion in Fashion and of Sports equipment world, chose Ticicom support and Tinext infrastructure, as main partners for the important process of technological innovation and outsourching, which is implementing a great expansion phase of business and of corporate staff.

Tinext, in particular, has been able to support Customer during  the pre-sale period, by identifying  the best infrastructural solution in order to guarantee the achieving of set IT outsourcing objectives, , remote and mobile working, support for the web- based management- applications and flexibility.

The key points of project  have been the following:

  • Supply of virtual resources in  IaaS mode, for server WEB, RDP and Domain controller
  • Supply of software in  SaaS mode, type Office
  • About 35 users, working in remote mode
  • Structural investments reduction, subjected to rapid End Of Life
  • Quality Assurance regarding the virtual infrastructure in terms of performances, storage and networking
  • Storage guarantee regarding data in Canton Ticino
  • Replica of the infrastructure up to 3 retention weeks
  • Need of flexibility in extension/reduction, at any time
  • Efficient and guaranteed support

For partner Ticicom,  support provided by Tinext  during pre-sales phase,  has been crucial; The opportunity to host Customer’s services in a secure infrastructure but at the same time under their own control, as well as  the real knowledge to rely on a staff , always available in after-sales support.

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