Tinext is Salesforce Marketing Cloud Official Partner

  • 30 June 2015

Morbio Inf. (CH): Tinext customers will now benefit of the partnership with Salesforce Marketing Cloud, world leader in Automation and Multichannel Campaign Management. Tinext is a Salesforce Marketing Cloud Official Partner for Italy, Switzerland and Middle East (GCC).

Image Tinext is Salesforce Marketing Cloud Official Partner

Tinext has been recognized as an ideal partner to complement Salesforce Marketing Cloud, in development of its own respective markets and to offer excellent services to its own customers.

For years, Tinext has been offering support and advice on User Centered Design, User Experience, information architecture, analysis of digital presence and social media marketing, boasting experience in several successful projects with global Customers.

Salesforce Marketing Cloud is the most advanced and complete solution to build and manage personalized interactions with customers.

A sophisticated Marketing Automation platform allows to work in an integrated way on emails, mobile devices, social media and web, by improving interaction with users through all channels.

This powerful solution enables a Company to “follow” its own users in their “Customer Journey”, ie the digital path – more and more multi-device and multi-platform - which they carry from the purchase information searching. All this, with the possibility to set quantitative targets, to test strategies, and to modify them, during works.

To discover all the potentials of Salesforce Marketing Cloud for your company, contact us for a free demo.

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