Stop "doing things right", do "the right things": Tinext at OpenText Innovation Tour 2016

  • 14 March 2016

Munich (DE): Ideas and solutions for “digital transformating” companies from the networking event of the global leader in Enterprise Information Management.

Image Stop "doing things right", do "the right things": Tinext at OpenText Innovation Tour 2016

Tinext ECM team attended the OpenText Innovation Tour 2016 in Munich on March 7 and 8. The main objectives were exploring new trends in Enterprise Information Management, experience OpenText new solutions and understand how to help companies in the challenge of digital transformation.

Among the many speeches and workshops Tinext took part in, it was particularly interesting the session hold by Mark Barrenechea, CEO of OpenText, rich in market data and projections for the future of companies grappling with the Digital Transformation.

According with data reported by Barrenechea from the World Economic Forum, by 2020, 40% of companies will die and 25 million jobs will be no longer current due to the new requirements of digital transformation. A kind of Darwinian evolution of firms, which must adapt to new market changes in order to survive.

The prospect that by 2020 the 25% of global GDP will be produced in the field of "digital" higlights the need to be ready for this revolution. From this point of view, OpenText solutions become more and more a strategic asset, providing the right tools to guide companies in the new digital world.

As an example, the integration of OpenText Actuate Analytics Product line - world leader in Big Data Analytics - in OpenText EIM suite, further extends the ability to produce forecast models unimaginable until now.

While the logic of "doing things right" is taken for granted in the behavior of firms in the market, the real news is the ability of finding the "right things to do".

In other words, the tools that have driven enterprise operations until now are no longer sufficient. Today, a key element to compete in the market are the new tools able to make companies face the future in a more conscious way.


What's new at OpenText

Image What's new at OpenText

 At OpenText Innovation Tour 2016 the big themes of digital evolution got many concrete answers. The announcement of the impending release of the new Suite 16 highlighted that today OpenText, ahead of the other big players in the industry, is able to offer a real solution to market demands by providing the right tools for a complementary set of needs:

  • Consolidate your entire corporate knowledge in one place, solid and protected by the highest security standards
  • Manage this huge and constantly growing amount of data, information and documents, be able to extract them and make them available efficiently to corporate stakeholders
  • Digitize business processes for a more efficient supply chain, eliminating the paper circle and allowing granular control over performance produced at different levels of the company
  • Distribute knowledge, in real time, using any mobile device
  • Integrate with the most common business management platforms. The new xECM interface to SAP S/4HANA is just the first of many examples.

Tinext & OpenText

Tinext has been providing for over a decade Enterprise Content Management solutions based on OpenText. The experience in integration with SAP, using xECM modules, and other enterprise platforms (eg banking systems) makes us the right technology partner to support companies in the now-mandatory digital transformation process.

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