Fintech: which opportunities for Switzerland?

  • 20 May 2016

Morbio Inf. (CH): Tinext will be discussing on this topic at the Conference organized on 23 may by the Centre for Banking Studies.

Image Fintech: which opportunities for Switzerland?

The ongoing Digital Transformation in recent years has invested even the banking and financial sector, by its nature one of the most resistant to change. All the big groups have realised the importance of responding to the needs of the new digital consumers, whether it's retail or private banking.

How to do it best, without compromising on safety and regulatory requirements?

This topics will be discussed on Monday, 23 May, from 13:30 to 17:30, at the Centre for Banking Studies in Vezia, during the Conference "Fintech, Business and regulatory impact on banking".

Stefano Zoia, Tinext CEO, will speak during a panel with outstanding representatives of Swiss banking and regulatory frameworks.

"The financial sector can benefit from the opportunities offered by technology to build a new omni-channel relationship with customers increasingly connected and demanding»- says Zoia «In Tinext, we always start with an analysis of users actual experiences and individual customer journeys. Only in this way, we are able to develop the best digital solutions, whether they are are websites, business applications or document management solutions».

Along with Zoia will take part to the panel Marco Cavadini of Swisscolocation: "The Switzerland is one of the leading Nations in terms of the level of innovation and quality of financial institutions, and is increasingly recognized as a secure location for your data" - he says. "This combination opens unique opportunities in the Fintech».

The convergence of Finance and Information Technology overturns the perspective: no longer the user enters the Bank, but the Institute enters the lives of its customers, increasingly used to carry out tasks on the move.

This brings new challenges to security and user experience, but also new opportunities for tech companies that will be able to offer a high level of reliability, security, scalability and flexibility of solutions.

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