Tinext opens in Dubai: Tinext Middle East is born

  • 31 March 2015

Dubai (UAE): After the success of Al Arabiya Project, Tinext opens a new Office to develop the Gulf Market.

Image Tinext opens in Dubai: Tinext Middle East is born

Tinext, a Swiss Company which provides since 2001 Digital Marketing solutions, combined with the experience of an enterprise level System Integrator, already existing with one seat in Italy for over ten years, has opened a subsidiary in Dubai,  with the objective to bring its own experience and know-how among the Gulf companies which have the aim to become primary players in Digital World.

Among the emerging markets of the global digital landscape, the United Arab Emirates are one of the most interesting opportunities for companies which offer products and services with high added value, with 92% of Internet penetration,  second just to Canada (source: report 'Digital, Social e Mobile 2015' by We Are Social). 

The decision to open the new Headquarters came after the implementation of the developed project for Al Arabiya, the first Arabic Language news Channel in the region, with over 150 million worldwide viewers.

The success of Al Arabya portal project pushed Tinext to develop more the UAE’s market; For this reason, after a searching- and scouting activity by  the most suitable partner, it has been decided to open a subsidiary in Dubai, under the leadership of Davide Guzzetti, manager grew up in the company, previously Head of Corporate Development – says Stefano Zoia, CEO of Tinext”. 

The new Internet portal of Al Arabiya news channel – conceived by Tinext in 2012 and released in late 2013 – gave to the company the title of “Best Supplier” with a rating of 9.8 on 10.  The application allows the portal newsroom – which consists in 120 active publishers 24 hours on 24, 7 days out of 7, who publish in 4 languages (Arabic, Urdu, Persian and English) – to drastically reduce the timing of content publication (from 30 to 3 minutes per news), revolutionizing the user experience, now much more intuitive and easy, designed for journalists and not for a technicians team.

Internet users ask for more and more accurate digital contents and the possibility to work in an immediate and safe way: from flight tickets booking to the news personalization, from the bills online payment, to the shopping – commented Davide Guzzetti, Managing Director Tinext Middle Eastthis means that companies should choose the most suitable technology-platforms with the aim to better meet customers' needs, while optimizing the operating and management costs”.

By the scouting of local potential partners, essential for taking place in Gulf countries, Tinext identified Foresee Solutions, leader IT Company in the region since 1996, with which a Joint Venture has been signed and initialed.  

We are really satisfied of the partnership with Tinext – says Nizar Badwan, CEO of Foresee Solutionsand we believe that the mix of technological expertise “made in Switzerland” and of  design “made in Italy”, constitutes a significant competitive advantage in the Digital offering, in this area”.

So, Tinext discovers its global vocation and is aimed more directly to international companies – or which aspire to become.  The continuous cooperation between the offices in Switzerland, Italy and Middle East creates a technological know-how- and market-flow of which all customers can benefit, from side to side of the globe.