OpenText integrates and extends SAP® capabilities

  • 24 June 2015

Morbio Inf. (CH): The Enterprise Content Management solutions by OpenText, heart of the system integration offer provided by Tinext, strengthen the integration with SAP®, undisputed market leader in ERP systems, by improving the interchange among structured and unstructured corporate information.

Image OpenText integrates and extends SAP® capabilities

Thanks to a symbiosis that lasts for over a decade, all business processes typically governed by SAP® are enriched by unstructured info, coming from ECM OpenText platform (eg. Office docs, digital assest, technical drawings, e-mail…). Conversely, the traditional doc- and processes- management extends its own functionality, thanks to info coming from the German ERP (eg. customers’ financial situation, data, transactions, etc…).

The same ability to interchange info is extended to the most popular productivity applications, such as Sharepoint, Windows Desktop, Oracle EBS, MS Dynamics, Outlook, etc...

OpenText Suite for SAP®:

  • optimizes corporate information management
  • consolidates ICT systems and reduces management costs
  • improves user experience through the main productive applications
  • facilitates collaboration and exchange of info among users, customers and partners inside and outside the company structure
  • mitigates all risks resulting from a poor management of info and allows the complete compliance to national and international standards regulations (GeBüv, SEC, PCI, FDA, etc...)

The whole OpenText Suite for SAP® is particularly indicated for companies willing to automate management, validation and reconciliation of suppliers' invoices processes, or that need in general to add business information to ERP processes.

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OpenText Suite for SAPĀ®