"Innovare 2015": Oscar Farinetti for Ticicom and Tinext

  • 11 June 2015

Morbio Inf. (CH): On June 17, Wednesday, “Innovare 2015” will take place as an event about business innovation, staging a leading figure in the world of business: Mr. Oscar Farinetti.

Image "Innovare 2015": Oscar Farinetti for Ticicom and Tinext

The event, organized by Ticicom SA in partnership with Tinext, will take place at 17:30 by “Sala Argonite” in Manno City Hall, presenting as moderator Mr Marcello Foa, CEO of MediaTI Holding.

In a very complex economic period, every entrepreneur needs help by everyone who is able to offer a real vision and to give him that orientation capability which has been his own strength till today.
Ticicom SA and Tinext, technological partners in Managed Cloud Services, share the same entrepreneurial vision and a common approach to customers. For these reasons they decided to organize a “wide-ranging event”, also able to provide concrete and important opportunities for business development in Canton Ticino.
Some of the topics are:
  • The guiding values of an unconventional Entrepreneur
  • The ingredients to create an innovative Company
  • The importance of market analysis
Places are limited.
Online registration on the website: www.ticicom.ch/innovare-2015


Who is Oscar Farinetti

Image Who is Oscar Farinetti

His approach to marketing is entrepreneurial, based on innovation, creativity, business skills and market understanding.

His energy comes from afar: creator and founder of Eataly, he transformed, between 1978 and 2003, with UniEuro brand, the supermarket of his father in the first Appliances Italian Group, whose slogan “Optimism is the smell of life!” remains famous.

Eataly is the first supermarket in the world, dedicated to Purchase, to Testing and to Sale of high quality food, and it is now present in Italy, Japan, United Arab Emirates, Brazil and Turkey.