Localization and customization for De Nora new online presence

  • 18 June 2015

Morbio Inf. (CH): Tinext delivered the new web project for De Nora, a global company leader in the electrochemical field, with headquarters in Italy and active in Europe, USA, Brazil, China, Japan, India, Singapore and Middle East.

Image Localization and customization for De Nora new online presence

De Nora provides electrodes and systems to produce clorhine-soda and innovative applications related to the world of energy, water and agroindustrial industries, by making extensive use of the latest technologies, which can reduce the environmental impact and energy waste.

De Nora needed a renewed web presence, capable to deliver the message of excellence and environmental and social responsibility, which De Nora intended to spread at customers and partners, on a global scale.

In particular needs of the company were:

  • communicating its own compliance to sector regulations in all countries where it operates, hence the need to personalize web content to region
  • presenting dedicated content, according to the geographical location, market, product and technology
  • thematizing calendar with news, events and “case study” (success stories) for market

Tinext responded to these needs with a comprehensive web project, based on the content management platform Magnolia 5.3.

The key points of the implemented project are:

  • overhaul of the corporate identity, according to the technology values of innovation, research, development
  • definition of an efficient workflow of content publishing (3 hierarchical editing figures, in order to dynamically manage global and local news)
  • focus on the user experience, through an intuitive navigation scheme, although articulated
  • advanced search, both for business sectors and through appropriate panel
  • management of news and multimedia material (succes stories) in dynamic way, for example through the emergence of information or documents, relevant to specific product pages (product lines become real gateway leading to news, events, case studies, etc ...)
  • SEO optimization

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