“Customer Intelligence": analytics at service of business processes

  • 08 April 2015

Munich (DE): Leveraging on business processes in order to get the most from the relationship with Customers, by assuring them an optimal experience and by learning to know them better: this is the essence of the digital transformation.

Image “Customer Intelligence": analytics at service of business processes

The digitalization of business processes allows companies to reach a “Customer Intelligence” level that was unpredictable before, which becomes now a fundamental ability to compete.

During the OpenText Innovation Tour, held in Monaco in late March, OpenText, leader Company in Enterprise Content Management (ECM) and Tinext partner, presented the new integrations to its own products suite, able to offer to companies decisional levels (C-levels) control dashboards of useful information, helpful to take the best business decisions, quickly.

OpenText adds to the already established DMS advanced features, Records Management and workflow management also the analytics functionality integration, thanks to Actuate.

The new ECM suite of OpenText helps Tinext partners to mitigate the risks resulting by a mismanagement of business information, to optimize sales processes and to maximize profits, thanks to a better service to customers.

A better customer experience, the ability to take “data-driven” decisions and to guide strategic decisions more effectively today are the essential conditions to obtain an improvement of economic performances, by increasing the business turnover and by getting a strict control on costs.

The digital transformation is complete.  

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