Bruno Giussani at TED 2015 with Bill Gates

  • 25 March 2015

Morbio Inf. (CH): On TED2015 stage in Vancouver, Canada, last week Vice-President of Tinext CdA, Mr Bruno Giussani, discussed about global risks with Microsoft founder, Bill Gates.

Image Bruno Giussani at TED 2015 with Bill Gates

Mr Gates was invited to speak about global risks at Annual Conference, which in consideration of the motto “ideas worth spreading” is considered among the most important in the world. Giussani, who as Co-Founder of Tinext, is also TED European Director, was the moderator of the session in which the $ 79milion entrepreneur (as for “Forbes” classification of the richest people), intervened.

Gates Foundation has been involved for many years in terms of Public Health, Education and “Fight against Poverty”, on global scale and Mr Gates has recently published in the Scientific Journal “New England Journal of Medicine”, an analysis concerning the Ebola epidemic matter, which caused nearly 10.000 deaths (and afflicted about 30.000 people) in West Africa during the last year, by extracting lessons and  directives “in order to be better prepared in future and so to avoid the diffusion of an eventual next virus, as happened with Ebola”.

In the afternoon before the speech on stage, Mr Gates and Mr Giussani, under the expert guide of Medical Staff who was active in Siberia and Sierra Leone, wore protective suits and experienced the difficulties faced by the Health Staff during the epidemic situation, by discussing the matter on stage.

“Personally I consider the Medical Staff who faced that epidemic situation, as heroes, and everyone should consider them as such”, said Mr Giussani to TED audience.

 Among the measures suggested by Mr Gates in order to prevent future global epidemics, comes a more systematic use of technologies such as internet, mobile phones and satellite mapping, so to better monitor and check the health conditions and so to spread timely more information to affected populations.

So the technology becomes more and more the real key to increase life chances and the redemption resources for most disadvantaged populations.