Bruno Giussani receives the Swiss Award and inspires Tinext

  • 11 January 2016

Zurich (CH): Tinext Vice-Chairman has been awarded the 2015 “Swiss Award” in the category "Economy" because of its constant commitment to dissemination of innovative ideas capable of producing a positive change in society.

Image Bruno Giussani receives the Swiss Award and inspires Tinext

Saturday, January 9 in Zurich, during the TV program «Swiss Award 2015», live on the unified SSR national networks, the Swiss people who distinguished themselves during the past year were elected in several areas: politics, economics, culture, entertainment, society and sports.  In addition, was announced the "Swiss of the year 2015", the bernese rocker Polo Hofer, very known in German Switzerland.

Nominated by the TV audience and chosen by a panel of outstanding personalities, Bruno Giussani received the Swiss Award for the category "Economy".

Ideas curator, as he likes to define himself, Bruno Giussani is known to the large public for being since 2005 the European Director of TED, a nonprofit global organization that promotes high level conferences worldwide, tackling the most innovative themes with a social and environmental focus.

Over 3000 TED conferences carried out in one year, made available on, where they are enjoyed by a wide audience of visitors.

Bruno Giussani & Tinext

In addition to TED, Giussani is also a journalist who has been working with various newspapers in Europe and the United States, a writer and an entrepreneur. Has participated in the foundation and the strategic direction of several companies, including Tinext, founded together with other partners in 2001.

"When I founded Tinext along with some esteemed colleagues and friends I knew I didn't want a simple Internet company, but a technological reality able to renew itself constantly: flexibility, innovation, responsiveness at the European and international context" – says Bruno Giussani. “Today that the company has grown up and I am far from operations, I keep on bringing these values in regular meetings with the board as Vice-Chairman".

Recently, Bruno Giussani was named by Wired UK among the 100 most influential people in Europe.

"For me it is a privilege and a pleasure to benefit from the dabate with Bruno and from his contribution to Tinext board as an advisor" - says Stefano Zoia, Tinext CEO since 2013. “His global vision and his cross-cutting, multidisciplinary ideas focused on innovation help us to keep the focus on the main objective of our work: allow our clients to answer effectively to individual needs of digital consumers, simplifying and enriching the experience of companies at every stage of the relationship with their customers”.